Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Trip to the Land of the Scots

This week I took a short trip to Scotland with my family.  We had a wonderful time, and it was really lovely to spend quality time, in a place where phone signal is unheard of, and to explore somewhere brand new to me and my sister. 

We were fortunate enough to stay in a beautiful hotel the Trossachs.  It was the most gorgeous hotel I've stayed in.  With lovely furnishings with tartan pieces, beautiful views (we were especially pleased with our beautiful view of the mountains, which, due to it being so cold, were topped with snow!) not to mention the beautiful pool, sauna, steam room and billiard room!
Tigh Mor
A picture of the hotel we stayed in, it never quite got this sunny though,
beautiful none the less!!

On one of the days we nipped into Edinburgh, which is somewhere where I have never visited before.  And there it was absolutely beautiful.  We went up to the castle, and then had a little adventure around the city.  It was lovely because it was so different to places such as London, and everyone in all of the shops were so kind and lovely.  And of course we had a bit of retail therapy too!

The lovely view from the castle of the water and the mountains in the background
When we got back we had a lovely candle lit fish and chips, and I tried some of the traditional haggis (and I'm proud to say, I'm a bit of a fan!!).  We later (after a game of snooker with Dad) lay in front of the telly, and watched the entire coverage of the Brits!  I am a bit of a sucker for awards shows like that, and somehow get a bit patriotic and emotional all at once! I love having a look at all of the outfits, and ALSO I always like listening to the radio 1 presenters getting all excited on the radio about the evening ahead, which they all get so excited for!  I am a massive fan of music, but unfortunately I am lacking in the talent department when it comes to musical instruments and all of that jazz, but I can respect all of these artists so much! And also all of the people that go into putting an album out!  I remember last year I was on the train in London the day after, and there was a girl talking to her friend about waitressing for all of these famous people, and saying how it was all so precisely thought out, I must have been impressed, because I've remembered it for over a year!!
One of the arches at the castle

Anyway Kate, keep on track!! ...

I was also fortunate enough to have a beautiful boat trip on one of the Lochs, the views were stunning, and at one time we even got a rare sneak peak at the sun!  I was lucky enough to be let loose with steering the boat, with instruction to 'keep off the grass', and I musn't have done too bad a job, because by the end, he'd asked whether I'd done it before!  Now, that may have been sarcastic, but I'd like to say it wasn't!!

The beautiful view of the snow-topped mountains and loch from the hotel
It was fantastic to spend some quality time with my family, and because had so much to do, there are tonnes of memories which we were able to make, which I'm sure it will last!!

I hope you've all had a lovely past week!!

Heidi Kate x

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Festivals this Summer

Hello there!

I haven't been able to blog for a couple of weeks (sorry!) but I have tonnes to catch you up on!

It's that time of year, when Christmas seems AGES ago, and summer just can't come quick enough, people are planning their spring/summer wardrobes, their holidays and quite a few just trying to get through the exam period (if that includes you, good luck, good luck, good luck!).  It's the time of year when people are starting to get excited for the summer ahead, and are getting fed up of the weather, especially as here in the UK it hasn't snowed... instead caused some disasters flood-wise, and albeit no where near as serious... some seriously bad hair days! Why is it that the frizz decides this is a good time to come out??

In the UK there are many festivals which are getting lots of young people excited for the summer, such as Wireless, Reading and Leeds and the Isle of Wight (the list continues), and recently, in order to build up the suspense further and further, there have been a few line-up reveals.   Which I must admit, have excited me almost too much!

This year, so far, I have planned to go to the Reading festival.  Which for those of you who aren't quite sure what it entails, it is a magnificent weekend full to the brim of music from tonnes of different genres, from rap from the likes of Eminem, to Indie Rock from Biffy to Imagine Dragons (who,now, I don't want to brag, but I was RIGHT AT THE FRONT FOR!!).  The festival is also held in Leeds, also in the UK, and the bands play at both festivals, but on different days, so for example one band could be the headline on the Friday in Leeds, but on the Sunday at Reading.  There are thousands of people who turn up with camping gear in hand on the Thursday, or Early Bird on the Wednesday if you're lucky, and everyone's there to enjoy themselves and for a fantastic weekend jam-packed with memories.  Sell it to you yet?

So I thought I would give you a little R+L online mix-tape from the line up of last year, and the announcements of this year.

So here goes!

R+L 2013

Imagine Dragons
The Lumineers
Fall Out Boy
Sub focus
Amber Run- this is a local band, who unfortunately I didn't get to see, but I've heard they're fantastic live!!

R+L 2014

Reading and Leeds 2014 Line-up
Line up 2014`
The 1975


Are you going to any festivals this year? Let me know in the comments!

Kate Heidi x