Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Trip to Pembrokeshire!

Hello there,

I have just come back from a lovely long weekend away with my family.  We decided a few weeks ago to take a short trip to St Brides Castle, in Wales during the holidays, and so straight after work on Saturday we nipped in the car and off we went.

Where we were staying was in a converted barn at the castle.  The views were absolutely gorgeous, and 
the picture below shows the view just from the carpark! There, as you would expect in Wales, were tonnes of sheep, and when we were driving up the road when we arrived, some were just sitting in the middle of the road! They weren't too happy about moving either! 
The beautiful view

Our Valentines was mostly spent in the car, but we enjoyed a lovely meal for four in our apartment, followed by Take me Out... does it get any better than that anyway??

Where we were staying, we were right on the coast, so where ever we went there were stunning views, and we were surrounded by remote beaches.  During spring and summer the area is really busy, but due to the season, everywhere was fairly empty.  In the morning me and my mum went for a quick dip in the pool which was really lovely (especially as the water wasn't too cold!) and we then went on a short walk along the coastline by the castle.  We also had a scrummy pub lunch on Sunday, and again it was still fairly quiet, even though it was Wales Vs Scotland in the rugby!!

We then continued along the coast, and visited some more beaches...

Following our long walks along the beaches, we then decided to take a quick dip in the pool, which was really lovely and relaxing, followed by a quick steam in the sauna (I mean really quick...bit too hot for me!!) and an evening in with Mr Selfridge.

Monday was our last full day, so we made the most of it! Firstly, we went on a quick walk up to the top of the cliff at Deer Park (a NT park), and from there we got the most spectacular views of the coastlines.  Which was made even more special as a lady pointed out a seal just below to us!! I expect it is really busy here during the summer, as the area is known for its puffins, and there is a ferry during the summer months to the island, where you can also see whales and dolphins! After watching the seal for a little while, we walked back to the car and decided to visit one of the beaches nearby (Marloes Sands), which as expected was absolutely gorgeous.  

Finally, on our final day we were keen to head back (as we had a table booked for 7:30 at Prezzo back home...Pizza waits for nobody!!) , but we thought we'd make a short trip to the town of Temby... and I'm so glad we did!  As it was pancake day, we thought it would be nice to get brunch at the beach cafe, which had stunning views, and the interior was absolutely gorgeous too! But brunch did come.. we were quite shocked at how good it was! I ordered pancakes, bacon and maple syrup and a hot chocolate.. and I was full till dinner! It was just what the doctor ordered, and we were really pleased as we thought we were going to have a Shrove Wednesday because we were out!  When we came out, there was a pancake race going on in the street for the children and it was all very exciting! 

Visiting Wales was a really lovely way to spend some quality time with the family, and relax after a few stressful weeks! Hopefully we will visit again soon!

Hope you are all having a lovely February! Been up to anything nice too?

Kate Heidi x

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Hello there,

It has been a considerably long time since I last posted, sorry! I have been so busy in the past few months, and I have completely neglected my poor blog... who I have dearly missed!


I recently watched a You Tube video by Lily Pebbles on starting a Project Life scrapbook, and she was presenting to her viewers her scrapbook which she has clearly put a lot of time into, and the result looked amazing!!  ( 

I had never heard of Project Life before, but after watching the video I was keen to research into scrapbooking! I have had photo albums etc before, but I have a feeling this year is going to be quite a busy and exciting one, so I am keen to try and keep as many keepsakes as I possibly can, so I can look back in 50 years and hopefully remember 2015 to be gooden!

... you could say this post is slightly premature, as I haven't even yet received all of the the items I ordered yet.  However I am so excited I thought I'd let you know what my plans are for my scrapbook this year!

I have ordered my self a snazzy little album in the size (12x12).  I decided on this size because it means I can fit 6x4 photos in easily, as I tend to order photos in that size anyway when I get them printed. 
I also ordered the photo pockets in the same size (12x12), however I decided to order 2 different designs. 

 The first design has 4 (6x4) pockets, which are landscape with 4 (3x4) slots in the middle row. (as seen below).  I plan on putting all my landscape photos in the 4 larger pockets, and then making cards to put in the smaller slots where I can either decide to write a little synopsis of what the photos are showing, write a little title or put in little items which I have collected, for example tickets or other memorabilia.  I have also seen that you can (if you're careful!) slice a 6x4 photo in half and put it within two middle pouches, and I suppose you could do this within any photo size up to (12x12) in this case, I think this could be really effective.

However, I also have lots of portrait photos which I don't want to put in landscape pouches, so I also ordered myself the same thing, but with a slightly different design.  This one allows me to also insert 4 (4x6) photos and 4 (4x3) comments or journal cards.  

I plan on making my own journal cards using scrap paper, wrapping paper or postcards that I find, which hopefully will make it have a slightly retro style?

I am really looking forward to putting everything in, and customising it as I go along.  I know scrapbooking can be a bit of an artfom, but I think it would be a nice little hobby and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me!

Let me know if you have ever done a scrapbook before, or whether you have any useful tips for me when I officially start mine!

Kate Heidi x