Sunday, 6 April 2014


Hello there!
It's that time of the year again, when all the students are knuckling down and trying to learn the final parts of their syllabus and, hopefully, before their exam date itself!  
I know there are lot of people in the same position as me, wondering how exactly they will manage to re-learn all their topics that they have learnt this academic year.  But the thing is, when it comes down to it, doing a few hours of work each night for a month or two is by far the better option than just hoping that the examiners will put exactly what you want to see in that exam in the paper!  When you put it into perspective, the number of hours is so much of a little fraction of how much time you'll have to spend in a job you don't love because you weren't able to do as well as you know you could have achieved.  I really think that education is key to everyone in our society, as without it we would (to put it politely!) be stuck in a rut! When you are young you have so many opportunities, and, well I can't make assumptions, but the amount of procrastinating I do is absolutely ridiculous, but I would hate to throw the opportunities I have away.   

There are so many different ways to revise, but just in case you might be stuck for a few ideas, I thought I would make a little list:

  • Mind maps- these are one of the best ways to remember different points, whether it be for an essay subject or a subject with lots of topics which all slot together to create one massive subject!
  • Writing pretty notes- this year I brought myself lots of notebooks which I can decorate with as many doodles as I wish, I then brought myself some lovely coloured pens and I am currently writing out all my notes, which I will then test my self on.
  • White boards: I haven't tried this myself, but I think I'm going to order myself a whiteboard and pens, as this is what my friend does, and she writes up her notes, then rubs it out, and re-writes them as a bit of a memory game! (see? revision can be fun!... sort of...)
  • Talk it through- for those who are better at learning orally, sometimes it helps me to just talk what I have learnt through to a friend or member of my family, and somehow your understanding of it just grows! This could also work  the other way round, and you could ask someone to read through your notes.
  • Watching videos- for those of you who enjoy procrastinating, but without the guilt! Sometimes I watch TED talks, or search a particular topic on YouTube and having someone else explain it or give their opinion on something, which can be invaluable to some subjects!! Although BEWARE!!! Make sure you DO NOT end up watching other videos which are completely irrelevant, like dogs which can sing, THESE WILL NOT, I repeat NOT, BE HELPFUL!!!
I hope that these might have ever so slightly helped you?
What do you find is the best way for you to revise?

Kate Heidi x