Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Festivities!

Well what a merry Christmas it has been!
I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves thoroughly!

I reckon my favourite part of Christmas is the lead up.  I look forward to December the 1st SO MUCH so that I'm able to put all of my Xmas playlists on my phone (obviously Buble's a must!!), and all of the streets get cheerier as all the lights are being put up, and you finally realise that that corner shop wasn't quite as vulgar looking as you once thought, now it has florescent lights on! One of the most exciting parts is decorating the tree (of course!) with all of the baubles you own in the house, colour coding or not! Unfortunately, In my household we had a bit of a mishap with the decorations... They went missing! So we have had to make-do with the only ones we could find, and all things considered, I think we did quite well!

Also leading up to Christmas time, writing your Christmas cards is a MUST! Although handing them out... that can be the tricky bit! I'm afraid all of my friends may have to wait until the new year!

I've got to admit, I'm a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to buying presents for my family and friends!  I can't quite decide whether it's due to the sheer enjoyment of going to the shops, with all the shops' gorgeous decorations, and front windows (which must have taken hours to construct!), and all the people who are just running around like headless-chickens all trying to buy for their picky friends or trendy sisters who are almost impossible to buy for (!), or is it the wrapping of the gifts? This year I really enjoyed hiding in my bedroom with the sellotape, scissors and wrapping paper at the ready! Although I must admit, a few items were slightly shamefully wrapped!; or is it the look on people's faces when they open your presents? The pure delight when they open something which you knew they would love, and their reaction is exactly what they were hoping for.  I'm not entirely sure what it is that does it for me, but I think it's a bit of a mixture!

One of the major things I love about Christmas is how it brings the family together.  I was able to see almost all of my family this year, whether it be in person, or on skype to them in the States!  Seeing everyone come together was truly lovely for me this year, and I hope you had the same!

Finally, everyone's favourite day of the lead up to Christmas... CHRISTMAS EVE!  It's one of the most exciting days there is! All of the presents are under the tree, you've opened your last advent calender treat and finally it's time for Santa to come!  All of the TV is very festive and everyone is huddled around 'The Holiday' and gawking at Jude Law!  And just before you go to bed you have to leave a mince pie and some carrots for Santa and Rudolf to nibble whilst you're asleep, although getting to sleep is the problem... It's impossible!! I don't know about you, but I just can't do it! I'm left lying there, thinking about how wonderful the lead up is, and how exciting it will be tomorrow, and how awful I will feel when I'm lying horizontal after filling up on Christmas Lunch! But also how fantastic it will be to see my family all together, and celebrating!

I hope you've had a fantastic Christmas time, what did you get up to? Any favourite gifts? And I hope that you are excited for the New Year (especially the party!)!

Kate Heidi x